EU Citizenship

EU Citizenship

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Invest in Cyprus and obtain EU Citizenship (passport) within 3 months only[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_accordion style=”modern” active_section=”1″][vc_tta_section title=”Benefits of Cypriot Passport” tab_id=”1529594457958-35390689-49e0″][vc_column_text]

  • The fastest procedure in the EU (only 3 months).
  • You can work or study in an EU country
  • Bring your family to live with you becoming as long term residents.
  • Access to the best healthcare institutes, hotels and education systems
  • The members of the family can work also in Cyprus or being educated in any school or college.
  • Travel in more than 140 countries around the world for up to three months.
  • No history or language proficiency tests or being a tax resident, unless you spend more than 183 days in a calendar year in Cyprus.
  • Not necessary to reside in Cyprus before or after the obtainment of the passport.
  • Cyprus government provides to you and your family all the rights as citizens of Cyprus
    and also, allows you to keep your first/original passport.
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus either before, during or after the approval of the citizenship application
  • Buy, Sale or Rent (you can rent a permanent residence in Cyprus or sell a residence given that another permanent residence will be purchased.
  • High quality of holidays in any EU country especially in Cyprus
  • One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Financial Criteria” tab_id=”1529594457977-316c00c7-e49f”][vc_column_text]

  • Collective Investment Scheme
  • Investment of €2.5 million by each applicant.
  • At least 5 applicants grouped.
  • Purchase of property of at least €500.000, unless the investment is made on a single residential property worth at least €2.5 million
  • The requirement for the purchase of an additional property is waived.
  • Individual Investor Scheme
  • Investment of €5 million.
  • Purchase of property of at least €500.000, unless the investment is made on a single residential property worth at least €5 million
  • The requirement for the purchase of an additional property is waived.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Required Conditions” tab_id=”1529594562727-47a124fb-6e8f”][vc_column_text]

  • Clear criminal record for all applicants including all the family members
  • Keeping investments for a period minimum of three years
  • Submissions of documents:
  1. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport pictures.
  2. Contract of sale
  3. Receipts for paying the agreed purchase price.
  4. Copy of the wire transfer in the Cypriot commercial banking institution in the name of the seller or the seller’s company
  5. Confirmation letters from Cypriots or Popular banks as to the fixed term deposits for three years of the applicant or the companies
  • Minimum investment amount of 2 million euros plus the VAT
    Proof of a privately owned property in Cyprus of at least €500.000 (contract of sale, receipts for paying the agreed price).

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Obtaining a Cypriot Passport” tab_id=”1529594577243-45f36668-b01e”][vc_column_text]

  • – The investment of real estate is considered as a main factor in the acquisition of a Cypriot Passport / EU Citizenship.
  • A very simple and straight-forward procedure.
  • It takes 3 months for the procedure to be completed.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][vc_column_text]In addition to acquiring residency, high-net individuals that are willing to invest in Cyprus can obtain citizenship by exemption provided they satisfy certain criteria.[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_accordion style=”modern” active_section=”1″][vc_tta_section title=”It is very beneficial to have dual citizenship, particularly EU, for many reasons including” tab_id=”1529594780308-d9e2361d-0867″][vc_column_text]

  • – Strategic geographical location, situated in the eastern corner of the Mediterranean sea.
    – Lying in the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia and close to the busy shipping air routes linking Europe with the Arab world and the Far East.
    – EU citizenship.
    – EU passport.
    – Cypriot passport holders are entitled to travel visa-free to more than 140 countries.
    – Fast track procedure allowing for the issuances of Citizenship certificate and passport within 3 months.
    – Flexible and efficient foundation for tax structuring and planning.
    – Can be passed on to a next generation.
    – Access to the best education and healthcare institutes.
    – Wonderful holiday destination.
    – One of the lowest property taxes in the world.
    – All applications are examined in a positive light and the prospective applicant will in most cases obtain Cyprus citizenship within 3 months once all necessary criteria are met.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How EU citizenship may be acquired by investing in Cyprus?” tab_id=”1529594780337-c199da31-8ca2″][vc_column_text]

  • Investments in Government Bond: The applicant must have purchased state of the Republic of Cyprus of at least €5 million.
    Bank deposit: The applicant (personal account) or a company or a trust (corporate account), of which the applicant is the ultimate beneficial owner of, must have a €5 million amount deposited in a 3 year fixed-term bank account in a Cypriot bank.
    Direct Investments: The applicant should have direct investments in the republic of Cyprus amounting to a minimum of €5 million. Direct investments may include:

– Purchase of real estate (private residences, offices, shops, hotels or establishments of similar nature excluding undeveloped land.
– Acquisition of businesses or companies that are based and have activities in Cyprus.
– Purchase of shares of companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus.
– Purchase of financial assets.
– Participation in a company or a consortium of companies that has undertaken a public project.

Combined investments: The applicant should have a combination of the above mentioned assets amounting to €5 million.
Entrepreneurial activities: The applicant must pay a variable amount that it depend on the number of local employees engaged by the local company. The amount must paid by local companies belonging to the applicant in the public purse annually by way of taxes, fees for local professional services etc. over a period of three years.Special class: The applicant must pay €3 million, confined to a special class of persons whose bank deposits in Cyprus Popular Bank and Bank of Cyprus were affected by the Government Decree on 15.03.2013.


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